How much does it cost to travel Australia?
This will vary for every family out there travelling as we all have different circumstances.  We have met people travelling for $500 a week and others spending over $1,500! For us, we average about $900 – $1,000 per week which covers both our expenses and our two dogs. We don’t go overboard by any means, but we do like to see and do as much as we can and don’t mind a cheeky beer either. We stay in a mix of caravan parks and free/low cost camp sites as we do like to use the amenities that we miss out on in a camper trailer. Check out our Facebook page here for detailed budget breakdowns.

How did you fund your trip?
We worked bloody long and hard for years to save up enough money to fund a 12 month lap. Some people choose to stop and work along the way but a year long holiday sounded too good for us to pass up. We sold everything we owned, apart from a single box of ‘memories’ stored with family, and left in April 2018 with $45,000 in our pocket to get out and explore this country of ours!

How do you find travelling with dogs?
If you plan to travel with your dogs long term, we recommend taking them on a few shorter trips first, as it can take them a while to adjust to a new routine and lifestyle. We have never had any trouble finding pet friendly accommodation in caravan parks or camp sites and most places are very welcoming. You will find that most towns have either a kennel or pet sitters if you want to venture out to National Parks, but worst case scenario, we take turns visiting if we can’t get them looked after. They are such a big part of our family and its a pretty small sacrifice to make in order to have their company along our travels. 

Don’t you get sick of each other?
I know you want us to say yes, but the truth is we really don’t! Now that’s not to say that there wasn’t an adjustment period. Change of any kind takes time to get used to and the trick is to be patient with each other. A trip like this will teach you a lot about your partner, no matter how well you thought you already knew them! We make sure to still take time for ourselves when we feel the need but really, we love spending all our time together and creating new memories.

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