5 Lessons from Week One on the Road

Nothing goes to plan!
From leaving a day later than we had anticipated due to massively underestimating our packing, to finally arriving to camp after a long 1300km drive only for our dog Ellie to jump into a swamp and cover herself head to toe in stinky black mud! You learn to laugh it off and realise that this trip is for making memories; the good, the bad and the stinky.

Give yourself a break!
We felt as though we had to rush out, start exploring and update our blog the second we arrived at our first stop. The reality was that we just needed to chill out for a minute! Packing up your entire life and leaving your friends and family behind is bloody hard and extremely stressful. Now is the time to crack open a beer, light a campfire and be proud of yourself

Things get easier!
Pulling up to our first stop, we realised that every single square centimetre of our canopy and camper trailer was FULL! We couldn’t open our fridge and we basically had to unpack everything at a rest stop on the side of the road just to get a jumper out! Now we’re storing things in much more practical places and have already culled a few things that we were wondering why we even packed! Less really is best when camping.

Enjoy the little things!
When was the last time you laid on the grass and looked up at the stars? Or woke up peacefully without an alarm to watch the sunrise through your canvas? It’s really the simple things like this that we took for granted. We really are bloody lucky to be able to travel and wake up to new places and experiences every day.

Every day feels like Friday!
Yes it’s a new lifestyle, but it’s also a holiday too! Consuming a few extra beers than normal is totally fine when every day feels like a weekend! And it makes accepting the fact that you will never have clean feet again much easier to swallow!

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