4WD Advanced Driver Training

Day two dawned upon us as our convoy made their way to Holly Plains State Park. After some theory lessons relating to the day ahead, our tyres hit the sand and we were rolling over kilometres of sand hills before stopping at a hidden quarry for lunch.
This is where we practiced our winching techniques and snatch recoveries, demonstrating the importance of safety and more importantly, basic common sense when out in the bush.

The day threw a few more exciting challenges our way with a combination of rally driving through tight bends, climbing steep sand hills and even some rock ledges for us to navigate through. We left the park with smiles on our faces and regrouped nearby with our convoy to debrief on the weekend and say our goodbyes.

Overall, the weekend really exceeded our expectations. Not only did we meet a great bunch of people and indulge in the stories shared amongst the group, the knowledge and experience shown by Ron is truly commendable. Considering ourselves seasoned four wheel drivers, we managed to soak up an incredible amount of information which goes to show that this course is designed for drivers of all levels. Beginner or advanced, we would recommend this course to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge and learn the limitations of their car in a controlled and safe environment.

Additional information:
The course is held throughout selected weekends of Spring & Summer. Cost is $310 per driver and $60 for passengers.
Budget accommodation is available at Mountain Rivers Tourist Park.http://www.mountaintopexperience.com/training/







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