Travelling With Dogs

Our dogs are such a big part of our family so there was just no way we could leave them behind! We know that travelling with dogs has its restrictions but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out!

Allow Extra in the Budget
When we were working out our budget before we left, we allowed $50 per week for dog related expenses (we have two dogs). This was to cover food, flea & tick prevention, kennel stays and routine vaccinations. Now that may seem like a lot, but some weeks we spent none and others we spend triple. We think it will even out over 12 months to roughly $50 per week with a couple of nights in a kennel every month or so.

Get Insurance
The best advice we can give you is to get your pets insured before you leave. We have both our dogs covered with Woolworths Pet Insurance for $7 per week each. Its affordable and gives us peace of mind that if they have any accidents or illness on the road, we get 80% of these costs covered. Hospital stays and medication for pets can add up to thousands of dollars very quickly. (We found this out the hard way when our little furbaby Ellie swallowed the foot off a stuffed teddy on the day we left for our honeymoon, which had to be surgically removed from her intestines!)

Make Friends with Travellers
More often than not, if you meet other families that are also travelling with their pets, they are more than happy to pet sit for a couple of hours for you to go on a tour and return the favour. There are also plenty of Facebook groups for pet minders and websites to find local sitters, such as Most local vets will also mind your pets for the day for a small fee.

Keeping them Safe
A lot of areas have 1080 baits laid out and although most areas are sign posted, these can easily spread into other areas from birds. We tend to go for a walk first when we get to camp to make sure there are no baits around, then come back to grab the dogs. Even though we do a safety check first, we still always keep them on a lead.
Check in with your vet before you leave to see what they can suggest that you carry in case of emergency. You can ask that they make up a pet first aid kit, which contain things such as bandages, antihistamines, tweezers etc.

Finding Pet Friendly Camps
Wiki Camps is the most amazing app for camping & travelling. When searching for our next camp site (we free camp 90% of the time) we just set the filters to ‘Dogs Allowed’ and take our pick. You can also select ‘Free’ and view all the pet friendly free camps in the area, including traveller reviews & pictures.

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